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Energy performance certificates explained

Energy ratings colour code

Energy performance certificates helps the tenant see how efficient your home is, Wingate and Withers would check to see if you have a current certificate in place for your property and if not we will arrange it for approximately £60 inc VAT.

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) give potential tenants an upfront look at how energy efficient your property is, and how much the bills are likely to be so they can comfortably afford the rent and bills, giving them an overall estimated monthly outgoings cost.

EPCs for homes were first introduced in 2007 as part of home information packs (Hips) for home sellers. Hips were scrapped in 2010, but if you're renting your house you're still legally required to have an EPC in place, or you would be liable for a fine.

What is information does an EPC provide?

This document is valid for 10 years and shows how good – or bad – the energy efficiency of your property is. It grades the property’s energy efficiency from A to G, with A being the highest rating.

If you have a brand new home it’s likely to have a high rating. If you have a older home it’s likely to be around D or E.

The energy performance certificate also lists ways to improve the rating - such as installing double glazing or loft, floor or wall insulation.

The theory is that the better the rating your property gets, the more attractive it should be to a tenant as it indicates lower energy bills.


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